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About Us

retail.mylocalbazaar.com is a one-stop, digital self-publishing portal. We offer an online platform for aspiring writers in English and any Indian language to publish their books without having to put up with the constraints normally associated with traditional publishing avenues.

We are the only self-publishing site in India selling ebooks in several Indian languages.

We provide a wide array of services that include editing, proofing, cover designing, book formatting and marketing, online or otherwise. We have eminent scholars, journalists and writers on our panel who would be available to writers for consultation.

The whole idea is to make publishing experience for writers seamless and hassle-free. It's as easy as clicking on the registration button, uploading your book and reaching out to a wide, global audience out there. There will be no overbearing editors, time-consuming contract deals and tight deadlines to deliver. It's a complete DIY format.

Last but not least, authors get to keep the lion's share of the earnings from their books.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the exciting world of self-publishing on retail.mylocalbazaar.com. Get read!

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